We have many friends. The list below is not an exhaustive list, and it doesn't include friends in our network (click here for our network friends). But these are people  (outside the network) who we trust, love and who have poured, and continue to pour into our community.

  • Gershom Sikaala

    Dr. Gershom Sikaala  is a Hollywood Celebrity, Mentor and Prince. He was born in Zambia, Southern Africa and is a businessman, humanitarian, author, speaker, television host, media personality, Pastor to the stars and global goodwill peace ambassador.
    Dr. Sikaala studied Business Administration at the University of Cambridge in Zambia and holds a Statesman Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy & Humanity from United Graduates College Seminary (Richmond Virginia). He is a recipient of Strathsmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide for his influence in Hollywood and his leadership, globally.


    Ivan is a father, author, senior leader, prophet mentor, and itinerant minister. His ministry has been on the forefront of prophetic ministry for the last two decades and is tenaciously raising up the next generation of prophets. Ivan has a master’s degree in theology and has been commissioned as a recognized prophet to the church by Harvest International Ministries. He travels locally and internationally, teaching, prophesying, equipping & encouraging believers to encounter God.

    Ivan and his wife Erica serve as senior leaders of a joy-filled church called Empowered Life Church. They have traveled the world demonstrating the power of God through prophetic ministry with signs and wonders following. They reside in Medford, Oregon with their three boys Isaiah, Aren and Ezra. Ivan has written four books: The Heart Of The Prophetic, The Heart Of The Prophetic Workbook, The Identity Manual, & Prophets Among Us.


    Harold and Linda pastored a church for 6 years beginning in 1980. After a fruitful season pastoring, Harold felt a call to travel and minister to the larger Body of Christ. Since that time, Harold has become known in churches around the world. He is a popular conference speaker and visiting instructor at numerous Bible Colleges. Linda retired from teaching elementary school in 2015 and now travels full-time with him on the road.

    About 2/3 of Harold’s energies are invested in ministering in the United States, while the other 1/3 is invested in foreign countries.

    Harold has ministered in dozens of countries, with special focus on three regions. In 1990, he began working in the Philippines helping Pastor Eddie Deita establish a Bible College and raise up leaders on the island of Mindanao. Then in 1996, Harold began spending extensive time in Africa, where he worked with Dr. Weston Gitonga to establish 12 Bible Colleges in seven countries of central Africa. In 2012, Harold began focusing on the Middle East, where he continues to work and invest time ministering in the Muslim-dominated areas of the world.

    Harold has authored over 25 books, dealing with issues such as Church leadership, life-centered Christianity, Kingdom finances, Church history, victorious Christian living, and various areas of theology. Several of his books are used as textbooks in Bible Colleges and seminaries throughout the world. Harold and Linda have been married for 40+ years and now live in Yakima, Washington, US. They raised three children who are grown and living happily on their own.



    Larry Titus has been in full time ministry for 60 years. In 2002 he completed 34 years of

    influential, innovative pastoral ministry in the states of Washington, Texas, Pennsylvania and Ohio, to devote himself to the mission of Kingdom Global Ministries, an organization he and

    Devi founded in 1992.

    For decades Larry Titus has trained thousands of men and women to be effective in every facet

    of their lives, marriages and ministries. Larry has equipped leaders that span dozens of nations. His commitment to global missions has also resulted in thousands of churches, schools,

    orphanages and Bible Schools being established and sustained on every continent.