Scandalous Love // #Lovex2019

Scandalous Love 2019 Schedule:

Friday - Main Night Session

• 5:30pm // Registration Opens
• 7:00pm // Worship

Saturday - Main Morning Session

• 10:00am // Worship and Main Session
• 11:30am - 12:30am // Breakout Sessions 

Main Night Session

• 6:00pm // Doors Open
• 7:00pm // Worship

Sunday - Main Morning Sessions 

• 9:00am and 11:00am Services 

Main Night Session

• 7:00pm // Worship & Prophetic Impartation

About The Movement:

Zack Wechsler has had incredible revelations of the Father's love. As senior leader of Encounter Church Las Vegas he and his staff have seen amazing transformations in peoples lives who have opened their heart to God. From prostitutes and pimps, drug dealers and drug addicts, to those stuck in religious bondage - people are getting set free in Las Vegas. What the world, and many in the Church call "Sin City", we call "Revival City"! Many years ago Zack had an inspiration to start a movement called "Love Explosion" where teams from Encounter Church would saturate the Las Vegas strip with the love of God. These teams don't tell people how evil they are but how loved they are. From these "LoveX" teams we have seen numerous physical healing and transformed lives.

This conference is a training and equipping gathering for those who desire to release the love of God to their neighborhoods and cities.  Romans tells us that it is the kindness of God that leads people into repentance.  Religion and legalism have perverted the Gospel and replaced the word kindness with condemnation .  Also let us not forget that the greatest thing we can do as believers is to love people.  Simply love them.  The lost don't need another Gospel track stuck in their face or someone yelling on the street corner demanding that they obey the Ten Commandments.  Thy don't need prophets calling forth the wrath of God upon this land. What they need is to see and feel the love of an amazing Father, who is calling them into their destiny and into an intimate relationship with Him.  

There are many hurting and many more lost - even within the walls of the Church.  We must get a hold of the heart of Heaven for people and for the presence of God.  Everything is released out of God's love and out of His presence.  Join us.  Join the movement.  Be the change.